Coffee Set for 2 People – Chinese Bouquet Raspberry / Apponyi Purple - Herend Fine china

Purple / Raspberry - AP


Herend fine china Coffee / Espresso Set for 2 People - Herend Chinese Bouquet Raspberry / Apponyi Purple design.

The Espresso Set contains the following fine china items:

1 pc – Coffee / Espresso Pot – vol 4 dl (13 OZ) 615-0-09 AP
1 pc – Sugar Bowl – vol 1.5 dl (5 OZ) 492-0-00 AP
1 pc – Creamer – vol 0.5 dl (1.5 OZ) 645-0-00 AP
1 pc – Tray – 40 x 28 cm (15.75"L x 11"W) 400-0-00 AP
2 pc – Coffee / Espresso Cup – vol 1 dl (3 OZ) 711-2-00 AP
2 pc – Saucer – diam 12 cm (4.75"D) 711-1-00 AP
Total: 8 pieces Herend fine china items
The classic Apponyi pattern is also known as the Chinese Bouquet.
Tea, Coffee, Espresso Sets, and Dinner Services are available.
The Apponyi Purple - AP pattern Espresso Set is available for more persons as well.
History of the Apponyi / Chinese Bouquet design

The origin of the pattern is associated with Count Albert Apponyi. Count Apponyi held a Gala Dinner for more than 60 guests. He ordered a new design, urgently. The Manufactory offered him a simplified version of Fleurs des Indes.

The Apponyi design was first produced in green color. Later Apponyi pattern was created in several different colors. The artists of Herend paint variants in purple, powder pink, green, orange, blue, yellow, lilac, maroon, black, turquoise, and combination of colors.

Technical information

  • Weight: 3 kg

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based on the VAT in the country of destination.

  • Safe shipping
  • Ideal gift for wedding
  • Classic elegant style
  • Traditional Herend

Product gallery

  • Mocha Set for 2 Persons Apponyi AP pink pattern - Herend porcelain hand painted.
  • Mocha Set for 2 Persons Apponyi AP pink pattern - Herend porcelain hand painted.
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