The Herend Porcelain

Since it’s foundation in 1826, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory has been making a wide variety of porcelain sets and ornamental pieces of the highest quality. By today it has become the largest manufacturer of it’s kind in the world – where, observing centuries-old traditions, every work phase – from throwing to painting – is performed by attentive hands manually even today. With a free combination of 16,000 forms and 4,000 patterns the product range is inexhaustible. Every piece symbolizing exceptional quality, beauty and value.



“A porcelain with a History”

Here are some of the important dates in the history of Herend Porcelain Manufactory

  • 1842 – First Hungarian Applied Arts Exhibition, Budapest
  • 1845 – Applied Arts Exhibition, Vienna
  • 1851 – World Exposition, London
  • 1855 – World Exposition, Paris
  • 1883 – Arts Exhibition, Amsterdam



Prominent Customers

“Why  do we treat our customers like Royalty?
Because many of them are!”

  • The Royal Family of United Kingdom
  • The Emperor of Japan
  • The Sultan of Brunei
  • The Sultan of Oman
  • The King of Thailand
  • Several Presidents of the United States
  • The Habsburg Family
  • The Rothschild Family
  • The Lichtenstein Family


Tea Set for 6 Persons - Sevres Roses SPROG design. Herend fine china hand painted. Classic Herend pattern

Tea Set for 6 Persons – Sevres Roses SPROG design. Herend fine china hand painted. Classic Herend pattern. Total: 22 pieces Herend porcelain items.


If you are interested

… in the History of Herend, do not hesitate to read our posts in several aspects of the products and history of Herend.



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Here you can find Videos of Herend Sets and rare Herend limited Vases.


  • Herend Porcelain History

    Porcelain is the noblest ceramic material. The word ceramics comes from the Greek Kerameia, which means ‘fired’. Porcelain is a “white wonder” made of ceramic material heated to high temperatures in a kiln.

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  • Cake Stand 2 Tier 308-0-91 ATQ3-PT Apponyi Turquoise pattern. Herend fine china hand painted

    The past few days we’ve visited the Manufactory of Herend in Hungary. It is always a miracle to return to the hometown of the European White Gold. We met the Manufactory leaders, had some words with the painters, and also discussed some of our new ideas with the management. This is a great moment to say a few words about the start of the Manufactory.

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  • Herend Elephant Collectors

    Herend porcelain ware, dinner, coffee and tea sets are very popular not just among everyday people but famous people, like celebrities and royal families as well. Those who like style, uniqueness, affordable luxury and traditional or modern-style porcelain ware, prefer investing in a long-lasting, quality porcelain set. The below royal personalities and celebrities also have – at least one – set of Herend porcelain ware at home.

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