Espresso / Mocha Sets

Herend Espresso sets are perfect choice for luxury coffee serving. These sets are good fit for your house or any office spaces as well. Serve a short strong coffee in a Herend porcelain espresso cup! All of the cups comes with its saucer. Small size coffee pots keep the fresh brewed coffee hot. Herend Creamers for milk, sugar bowls for sugar are essential parts of the set. Some espresso set contains platters or tray, some does not.

Espresso sets are available for two four six persons. If you prefer to have a larger set, you can purchase additional espresso cups.

All the sets are available with the traditional Herend decors like Victoria VBO, Rothschild, Apponyi Chinese Bouquet, Indian Basket and many more.
Modern Herend VH Fishnet decors, Fish scale variants or Black background designs are also available.