Herend dinner sets

The Manufactory of Herend offers many different pattern Dinner sets. The following are the most important dinner set designs of Herend. Meet them, and get a good overview of the flagship Herend tableware. 

Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Dinner set

The traditional Indian Basket Herend pattern was redesigned at the request of the Hungarian Count Apponyi in 1931. The artists and Master Painters of Herend recreated a truly European, minimalistic design, the Chinese Bouquet. They named it after the first prominent customer, “Apponyi”. The initial order was especially a Chinese Bouquet Dinner set for 60 people.

The Chinese Bouquet decor has no variable motifs.

You can choose from 14 color variations of Apponyi

However, Herend Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi has a fishnet finish, but not many customers know it is possible, and even fewer ask for it.

Indian Basket tableware

The traditional Chinoiserie design is a hallmark of Herend. Indian Basket is a typical Herend Chinoisèrie design. Represent the 19th-century oriental designs that Herend often painted in its first 50-60 years.

Indian Basket is not even painted but drawn with a thin stylus. The light lines are painted light green. A detailed artwork hand-painted with precise care. The overwhelming details, like an etching, represent an artistic level of attention to detail and precision.

Gilded edges, green-white surfaces, and detailed artwork harmonize in our psyche. These traits or symbols of traditional nobility: caring for the details, punctuality, and the art of white porcelain and gold.

Take a look at the details of Herend’s traditional Indian Basket dinner set.


There are no variable motifs in Indian Basket. What are variable motifs related to Herend porcelain?

You have 13 color variations available for Indian Basket.


Rothschild Bird dinner set

The Rothschild Bird tableware was painted especially for the Austrian Baron of Rothschild in the 1870s.

Decorated with 12 different Rothschild Bird motifs. You can select the motif for every porcelain piece of your dining set.


Rothschild Bird with fish scale

In the early 20th century, fish-scale finish decoration became a new sensation at Herend. Rothschild Bird is the most often decorated with the additional fish-scale finish. The decor itself is the same, but the air of the decor is different. The difficulty of painting such a design is so much higher that the price is roughly double.

Rothschild Bird Blue fish scale

The Rothschild Bird Blue fish scale variant is one of the most beloved among our customers. This is maybe because blue is a color of nobility, and the blue goes very well with the gilded edges and the bird couple motifs.


Rothschild Bird Green fish scale

Multiple color variations are available with Rothschild Birds. The most beloved and searched ones are the blue and green fish scales. For Hunters and nature-loving customers, we boldly recommend the Rothschild Bird Green fish scale variation.


Queen Victoria VBO dinner set

Queen Victoria and Victoria VBO is the most well-known design of Herend. Its origin goes back to the 1851 World Fair of London. The first variation of the design was presented and purchased by Queen Victoria. She loved the dinner set so much that she did not let the maid wash them. By buying the Victoria VBO Green edge, you will join the thousands, sharing aesthetics with Queen Victoria.

Victoria Green dinner set

Victoria VBO green is the traditional Victoria VBO color. As new edge colors have been created, we started to call the traditional color: Green. Take a look at the Queen Victoria VBO Green dinner set

The Victoria VBO design is painted with Floral elements, Butterfly variations, and a green edge with gilded adornment. All this is framed with a gilded edge. 

Victoria Blue dinner set

In the 21st century, Herend started to create variable color edges for Queen Victoria VBO. This brought many pastel and stronger color variations as options. The original Queen Victoria VBO is therefore called VBO Green, as the original edge is a light green color. Blue and other stronger colors are beloved options lately.


Herend Dinner sets

Some of the Herend dinner sets in our shop:



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