Knob variations of Herend

The most type of knobs are available for the original Herend form Osier. This form – also called basket relief form – was invented by Herend. You have a wide range of knob types but our customers rarely knows which are these. Let’s see the varieties of knobs of Herend in details…

Let’s start with the basics. usually every porcelain item has a knob. Even the first porcelain masters tried to create a decorated version of knob.

The Size of the knob


The size of the knob varies as the size of the item grows. the bigger the item and the lid is, the bigger and more detailed the knob will become.

For example the knob of an 8 dL tea pot is smaller than the knob of an 8 dL coffee pot.

We had once an email from one of our customers asking about the size of the knob she received. At the end, the size is defined by the use and aesthetic possibilities . An oversized knob would destroy the look of any Herend item.

The Colour of the knob


Many colours are possible in case of knobs.

The colour of the knobs are guided by the decor of the item.

For example butterfly papillon knobs are always the same colour as the decor. For example a Royal Garden EVICT1 (Green) porcelain tea pot will have a greenish papillon knob, while a Royal Garden EVICT2 (Turquoise) tea pot will have a violet – lilac papillon painted on it.

However knobs can be Gold, Platinum, monochrome and coloured.

In case of Nyon and and Four Seasons QS decor any knob will be painted with small golden lines.

The same is true for the Hadik HD decor. This fine line handling provides traditional elegance to this decor.

For Sevres Roses decor, all the knobs are painted with continuous richly gilded layer.

Black Fond tea pot is also possible with nearly absolute black butterfly.

On Petit-pan painted with Hunter decor the lemon knob is painted with gold which dominates the item harmonically.

In case of Rose knobs many colour is possible. However we do not recommend the use of light yellow. That is too pale for the colours of VBO.

In fact, for Victoria avec Bord en Or VBO rose knobs the best is

  • Pink
  • Orange


For Vienna Rose Habsbourg Rose there are no options. The decor defines the colour of the rose. The original Vienna Rose colour is pink, the new variants can take any colour, but the knob needs to stick with that specific colour.



The Butterfly can take any colours and they are also available on many items.

There are

  • Golden
  • Platinum
  • Monochrome

The colour of the butterfy varies as the pattern does.

For example on the Petit pan of the Hunter decor the butterfly is painted with gold. This allows the butterfly to dominate the item.


The various forms of Herend Knobs


Herend has 4 main knob forms that are used nearly everywhere.

  • Rose – 09
  • Butterfly -17
  • Bud – 12
  • Twisted – this is actually very old.

The rose knob is an original Herend invention. Just like the Mandarin knob is.

Animal Knobs

  • Dolphin -18
  • Fish -28
  • Kitten -26
  • Bunny -25
  • Frog -39
  • Elephant -70
  • Bear – 71
  • Pig -72
  • Bunny -25
  • Rooster -16
  • Shark -92
  • Bird knob – 05 – used on Rothschild items.

Fun fact: there is no Dog knob.
Why? We do not know yet, but will find out later.
Maybe only because no one ordered it yet.
UPDATE: There is a dog formed knob. It has been created quiet recently. A new product of 2017!

Animal figurine knobs are usually used on bonbonnieres and fancy boxes. Since quiet recently they also appear on cups as well.


Cherry knob is only available for double handle tea pots and sugar basin. It is not available on anything else.

Angels are only for some specific items.

Strange animals are also possible.

Combined knobs

There are combined knobs. This means instead of one form, there are multiple items.

Three roses knob – instead of one. This is used mostly on bonbonnieres.



If you prefer to have one of these combined knobs, send us a message in any case!

Well this is another cause why we do not have a wast stock of items. There are so many alternatives, it is simply not possible to store them all.

Vegetable knobs are usually on Soup tureens


  • Tomatoes -08
  • Kohlrabi – 10
  • Cauliflower – 04
  • Lemon – 03
  • Mushroom – 20
  • Strawberry – 11

But the Citron is also available on

  • Teapots
  • Patty – Pan
  • Soup tureens

On vegetable dishes you can also choose among many different knobs. All the vegetable knobs rose or fruits are available. For heavier dishes the branch knob is really usual!

Are these knobs fragile?

They seems to be fragile. However we do not receive much replacement requests because of broken knobs. This is possible of course, still not at all usual.


As you can see, Herend has huge variety of knobs. This seems to be a little unimportant part of the fine china items, but adds so many alternatives, it is nearly impossible to have every version on stock.

What is the best knob for your items? We cannot tell you before the Decor and the Form has been selected. We can advice a nice knob for your items, but at the end, you need to decide which knob you prefer to have.

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