Herend Victoria – What is the meaning of VBO?

The abbreviations of the Herend Victoria design family are representing differences in design. But what are these differences? 

The original Victoria design

Why do we call the product Victoria?

Originally The Victoria design was designed by Fischer Mór, founder and owner of Herend Porcelain Manufactory. The design was introduced in 1851, having roots in the oriental fine china designs. The design was first called Kakiemon, to represent the oriental roots of the style.

During the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations 1851, or Crystal Palace Exhibition, the first world fair, Queen Victoria fell in love with the design. She ordered a Herend porcelain set so large, that the factory worked for two years to fully produce and ship the dinnerware items.



Fischer Mór was so proud and graceful that he decided to rename the design after Her Majesty. From now on, we call the design Queen Victoria “VICTORIA”.

You can see the stamp writes the numbers of the form “xxxxx-x-xx VICTORIA”

Nowadays we also call the decor as Museum Victoria, referring to its mid 19th century origin.


VBO – Victoria avec Bord en Or

As the design Victoria represents the design patterns of the 1800’s, a new, light design was needed. Customers requested a lighter version of the traditional Victoria design.

Victoria Avec Bord en Or was born.

The new design has the following changes: The butterflies and floral elements are slightly smaller. The colors are getting much lighter, fresher looking.

A new element is being introduced, the gilded edge, and golden illustrations.

These days the language for international conversation and relations in Europe was French. This is why most of the designs have a French name, as they have been named in the 19th century, before the first world war.

“Victoria avec Bord en Or” stands for Victoria with Gilded Edge.

Multiple Victoria VBO versions are raising since then.


VBA Victoria Simple with gilded edge

For some Herend customers VBO was not simplistic enough. For them, Herend masterpainters designed a simpler, less dense version of VBO.

VBA ueses less floral elements by number, the plates are more minimalistic. Some painted lines are thiner, the white porcelain dominates the pieces.

However, sometimes it is hard to realise the difference wheter we are holding or looking at a VBO or a VBA piece.

» It is advised to check the stamp on the plates what design of Herend product you are looking at.


VA Victoria Simple

The Victoria simple – VA uses the same light design elements as the VBA, but with no gilded edges or any other golden paint. This can be important for religious reasons, or for uses where the gilded lines are not preferred.



WBO – Windsor

Windsor design is named after the castle Windsor, where Queen Victoria used the original Victoria design dinnerware together with Prince Albert (?) The Colors of WBO is the same as the original Victoria design. Dense heavy dark pastel colors, representing the style and art of the late 18th century, early 19th century.


VBO Colored

Victoria avec Gold en Or have been created with multiple color variations. As the need for multiple Apponyi – Chinese Bouquet colors – namely 13 colors, and a multicolor version, the same is present at the Victoria design. The following colors are available for VBO colored:

  • VBOL – VBO Lilac
  • VBOJ – VBO Yellow
  • VBOH – VBO Orange
  • VBOB – VBO Blue
  • VBOG – VBO Grey
  • VBOP – VBO Purple
  • VBOM – VBO Brown
  • VBOTQ – VBO Turquoise
  • VBOV – VBO Green


Gilded Rose knob as ornament on top of the teapot.

A new version of VBO appeared in the early 2020’s.

  • VBO-Y1  Yellow
  • VBO-Y2  Pink
  • VBO-Y3  Blue
  • VBO-Y4  Purple
  • VBO-Y5  Oramge
  • VBO-Y6  Light Blue


This was a short introduction to the different options of the Victoria design family. But we did not touch the question of the brand-new redesign of VBO, the Royal Garden design and the Victoria Grande design.


Interested in Herend Victoria VBO fine china?

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