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Queen Victoria VBO

Herend fine china hand-painted

Born in 1851. Herend Queen Victoria avec Bord en Or is perhaps Herend’s most Famous Pattern is made up of almost a hundred kinds of stylized Butterflies and Sprigs of Blossom, painted in cheerful and lively colors. The vital element of the décor is the Peony, which derived from China before becoming one of the favorite motifs of early European porcelain. The combination of red, blue, purple, yellow, and green Butterflies, flowers, and sprigs make a cavalcade of color, surrounded by a gilt rim that stands for the green of a meadow. Despite the Chinese inspiration behind this imaginative combination assembled by the second founder of Herend, Mór Fischer, it gives a Hungarian impression. It recalls Hungary’s woods and meadows and the colors and murmurings of country gardens. The décor was unveiled at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, where it scored a Huge Success. The recognition meant a gold medal from the jury and a commission from the person who gave her name to the décor.

Queen Victoria ordered a table service in this pattern for Windsor Castle.–   Apart from the well-known Version in several colors, the “Victoria avec Bord en Or” (VBO) comes in Yellow, Maroon, Purple, Green, Orange, and Blue variants. –  The Origin Old VICTORIA, first produced in 1851, is Possible to Order under the name VICTORIA. These Origin Pattern motifs are Bigger, more Colourful, and Cheerful than the Victoria avec Bord en Or (VBO). – The New Version of the Victoria pattern transformed with current, fashionable colors  – Greenish Grey and Light Crimson with Platinum bordering. This version was created in 2010. (VBOG-X1-PT)The Last Version is named Royal Garden – Email Victoria in Two different Colours: warm tones Greenish and the cool tones Turquoise (EVICT1), (EVICT2).

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