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    Brief Chronology of Herend


    Vince Stingl establishes a hard pottery workshop in Herend.


    Mór Fischer buys the Manufactory from Vince Stingl and his partner, regular porcelain manufacture begins. “Herend Begins” Read more!

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  • Royal Elegance Gift Set - Apponyi ATQ3-PT Turquoise - Herend porcelain hand painted.

    Herend Tea and Coffee Set Crash Course

    When someone sends us a message “How much is a Coffee Set for 6 persons?” we already know they aren’t asking the right question.  Herend is a more than 190 years old luxury brand, which had so many innovative ideas in fine china, that cannot be summarised as “a Tea Set for 6 persons”. You need to understand that every single item has lots of variants and you should choose the one you really love. In this article, I will give you some guidelines on how we do such a process. (TLDR)
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  • Soup Cup with Lid and Saucer 744-0-09 RO Rothschild Bird pattern. Herend porcelain

    History of Herend Rothschild Bird Decor

    In the 1850—60s it was a common practice to use several hundred or thousand-year-old Far Eastern porcelain decors as a base when creating new European patterns. This applies to the history of the Rothschild Bird decor as well…

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  • Victoria EVICT 1 and 2 Herend porcelain Dinner and coffee

    Interesting Facts about the Herend Royal Garden Decor

    The Royal Garden decor is the modernized version of one of the most popular patterns of Herend Porcelain Manufactory, the more than 160 years old Victoria décor. Some of the most interesting facts about this unique pattern can be read below.

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  • Herend Porcelain History - Imola tea cup

    History of Porcelain – The Secret of the “White Gold”

    Porcelain is the noblest ceramic material. The word ceramics comes from the Greek Kerameia, which means ‘fired’. Porcelain is a “white wonder” made of ceramic material heated to high temperatures in a kiln.

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  • Cake Stand 2 Tier 308-0-91 ATQ3-PT Apponyi Turquoise pattern. Herend fine china hand painted

    History of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory

    We’ve visited the Manufactory of Herend in Hungary the past few days. It is always a miracle to return to the hometown of the European White Gold. We met the Manufactory leaders, spoke with the painters, and discussed our new ideas with the management. This is a great moment to say a few words about the start of the Manufactory.

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  • Herend Elephant Collectors - VH elephant figurine of Herend

    7 Famous People Who Bought Herend Porcelain Ware

    Herend porcelain ware, dinner, coffee, and tea sets are very popular not just among everyday people but famous people, like celebrities and royal families as well. Those who like style, uniqueness, affordable luxury, and traditional or modern-style porcelain ware, prefer investing in a long-lasting, quality porcelain set. The below royal personalities and celebrities also have – at least one – set of Herend porcelain ware at home.

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