The Herend Milkmug

We would like to draw your attention to a less known Herend product, the Multifunctional or Morning Mug.

Not many of our customers knows this item at all. When they arrive to our shop, we can show them, and they wants to buy it immediately.
This led to the idea to let you all know the existence of this useful item.

What is it good for?

– A nice cup of coffee
– A good cup of tea
– Any cold refreshment during the summer

Anyone can use it.

This is not the cup of a special event. Instead, you can use it without any extra occasion. Even our young son uses it day by day.

A little art in the every days!

There are various patterns available. For example the VH pattern is available in every colour.

The well known decors for these mugs are also available. My personal favourite is the Sevres Roses decor on these mug. I did not liked it as long as I started to use it. Then I fell in love with it.


Sometimes I even travel with this cup. For sure to make stunning photos of a Herend product, but also because it looks so great in many location.

Apponyi – Chinese bouquet is another decor of Multifunctional cups you need to know. I am especially proud of these images as I managed to shoot the cup and have the sailing ships as well near focus. This Apponyi Platinum cup (but also many apponyi platinum items) goes very well with the sailing itself. They share the same colours.

As you imagine, there are many other decors as well. Are you interested in more Herend Cups? Take a look at them on the following link:


To the Multifunctional Cups


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