Dinner plates and Serving plates of Herend

The place setting composition guide continues with the main dish, and its accessories, the dinner plate and serving plate. Lets’s see the different Herend plate variations available.


Herend Dinner plates

All of them are flat, to serve the main dishes.


  • 25 [cm] – 10″ D – 524-0-00
  • 26 [cm] – 10.25″ D – 20524-0-00
  • 28 [cm] – 11″ D – 527-0-00

The 28 [cm] (11″ D) plate is officially called as serving plate already, but many of our customers select it as a dinner plate, as it provides more space for an elegant meal.

As you can see, the dinner plate selection is a straightforward process.

Herend Serving Plates

Not every customer orders a serving plate. It is preferred more in the following locations:

  • USA
  • HongKong
  • Indonesia

There are multiple types of Herend serving plates. All of them represent a different style of

Original pattern

Originally Herend offers the pattern (design) same as the dinner plate. This allows the user to use sometimes the serving plate only.

Monochrome edge

There is an option to choose a monochrome edge serving plate. For Apponyi Turquoise we recommend a turquoise monochrome edge CV-01, or 20527-0-00 E-51. The E-51 is specially created for the Apponyi Turquoise plate.

In case of Royal Garden EVICT1 or EVICT2 dinner plates, multiple monochrome colors are suitable for the same dinner plates.

Babos style

The modern style serving plates designed by Artist Pálma Babos gives an elegant, minimalistic look to the Herend place setting. These are monochrome edge plates decorated with straight lines painted with platinum or gold.


Fish Scale serving plate

This design is a continuous Fish scale design around the serving plate’s edge. Can be ordered in different colors, even in gold. This design is unique for Herend. When the Fish scale was invented in the late 1800’s it was first used for Herend porcelain animal figurines. Later it appeared on dinner sets and dinning tables. Originally it was a minimalistic, modern design, but now in the 21st century we see it as a traditional design.

The size of the serving plate is depending on the selected Dinner plate. It is advised to select a serving plate roughly 5 [cm] – 2″ larger in diameter.

Available Diameters:

  • 28 [cm] – 11″ D
  • 31 [cm] – 12″ D
  • 33 [cm] – 13″ D
  • 35 [cm] –  13.75″ D


Interested in Herend dinner sets?

To construct a Herend dinner set or place setting is not easy. You can always contact us for help building your dinner set!