Herend Rothschild Bird decors

The history of the Rothschild Bird design goes back to the 1860s. This was the birth of the original Rothschild bird couple design. But what kind of child designs have developed since?


The original Rothschild Bird pattern

The Rothschild Bird pattern depicts two birds on a tree.

The two birds are playing with a golden necklace. The story tells that the chain was lost, possibly stolen. The family searched for it with no success. The next day they looked out the window and saw two birds playing with the necklace. The birds took the shiny jewelry! Everyone calmed down, took the chain from the birds, and the family continued happily.

This is the story behind the Bird couples playing on a stylized branch painted on every Rothschild Bidr Herend porcelain piece.

Tea Set for 2 People - Rothschild Bird RO Natural pattern. Herend porcelain

Tea Set for 2 People – Rothschild Bird RO Natural pattern. Herend porcelain is handpainted. Classic Herend pattern.

Tea Set for 2 People - Rothschild Bird RO Natural pattern. Herend porcelain

Tea Set for 2 People – Rothschild Bird RO Natural pattern. Herend porcelain is handpainted. Classic Herend pattern.


The highly detailed hand-painted bird figures give the air of luxury. Especially with the pure white porcelain and heavily gilded edges, it was a genuinely luxurious view in the 1870s. No surprise that many customers started to order Rothschild Bird – RO design tea, coffee sets, and tableware.

The Rothschild Bird motifs

Take a look at the Rothschild Bird motifs of Herend. From 1 to 6 in the upper line, 7 to 12 in the below line.

Herend Rothschild Bird  Motifs by Herend Experts 1-12

Herend Rothschild Bird Motifs by Herend Experts 1-12

If you are interested in the original Rothschild Bird Herend design, visit the decor page!


Fish Scale Rothschild Bird designs

Herend decorates some of its designs with fish scales. The detailed artwork gives an extra attraction and is a very complex task to paint.

The first fishnet decor Herend product was painted in the 1870s. The fishnet took up in the early 20th century as the specialty of Herend.

With the extra complexity comes a higher price as well.  The Rothschild Bird Blue fish-scale RO-EB and RO-ETBdesigns are roughly double the cost compared to the traditional RO design pieces. This parallels the time a painter has to spend to create such a detailed product.

The finis can take two form variants:

  • RO-EB
  • RO-ETB

The Rothschild Bird Pink fish-scale RO-EP is bounded strictly by gilded lines.



While the RO-ETB variation has a bit less fish scale finish while having more gilded lines and nonfigurative forms.

The Rothschild blue fishnet design RO-ETB

The Rothschild Bird Blue fish-scale RO-ETB is the most well-known among the color variations of fish-scale variations. 


The Rothschild green fishnet finish design RO-ETV

The Rothschild Bird Green fish scale is another color version of the Rothschild Bird design. There are many more colors available, it is up to you to choose.



Dream Garden – Rothschild birds on branches

A beloved redesign of the Rothschild Bird is the Dream Garden Herend decor. Bird figurines sit on branches in many colors.

Two main variations are available:

  • Birds on Brown branches – REJA
  • Birds on Gold branches – REJAR




The FORET design

FORET is another modern variant of the traditional Rothschild bird. Here, among the dense forest leaves, hide and seek some of the Rothschild birds. The detailed bird figurines resemble the original birds on the RO decor; however a bit more detailed.

The FORETGD design

FORETGD is the variant of the Foret design, where only floral elements are painted, with gilded edges. The detailed leaves with green-gold colors on the white porcelain are an elegant variation.


There are 6 different bird motifs for every piece of plate, cup, or other tableware.


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