The Herend fine china Teacups (and saucers)

Herend’s first products were teacups, saucers, and other teaware. This blog post gives an overview of the Herend fine china teacup variations.


We must select a teacup with extra care when choosing a tea set. The essential part of a tea set is the teacup.

When choosing the teacup, we have to consider multiple points.

Size of the Herend Teacup 

There are multiple sizes of teacups. Let’s see what the options are:

The traditional Herend teacup 

Herend code: 724-0-00

Volume: 1.8 dl (6 OZ)

This teacup is a classic piece. The flat and low design makes it an excellent teacup. This cup allows the liquid to cool down quickly when pouring hot water.


Herend code: 734-0-00 Fancy teacup small

Volume: 2.4 dl (8 OZ)

Herend code:  733-0-00 Fancy teacup medium

Volume: 2.6 dl (9 OZ)

Another classic teacup form. This fancy teacup helps to consume the tea even more warmly.


The modern teacup

Herend code: 730-0-00

Volume: Volume: 2 dl (6 OZ)

A modern, elegant teacup with a cone shape. This is a transition between a teacup and a coffee cup. This cup helps the user swirl his hot drink, but the form keeps it warmer than a traditional teacup.


Large Herend teacups

Herend code: 701-0-00 

volume: Volume: 3 dl (10 OZ)

The large cups ensure that the tea water will remain hot in our cups for a long time. This is convenient when family or friends want to talk with a warm cup of tea during cold wintertime.

We usually recommend the following cups for our users:

  • 724 – The traditional Herend Teacup
  • 730 – Modern Teacup, also suitable for coffee
  • 701 – Large teacup – for large portions of tea


Herend Teacup Edges and Forms

The teacups are produced in four main form variants. 

Smooth surface – Lisse

Wavy edges – Esterházy

Shell shaped – Rocaille

Basket relief – Osier


The handles of the teacup

The teacup handle is a visually outstanding part; therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to place further artwork on it.

Traditional cups are manufactured with handles with little golden stripes.

Some cups are decorated with figurines as:

  • Mandarin handle
  • Snake handle
  • Salamander
  • Branch handle


Special teacup forms


An elegant form with double handles. This double line adds a unique design experience, as the double lines loosely tie together.


The Empire form represents aristocratic realism. A design from the ages of the large empires of the 19th century.

Pierced legged oriental teacups

Herend’s mastery of fine china work is represented by producing more technologically difficult forms. Pierced china surfaces are such technically challenging tasks. The pierced holes add an extra eye-catching edge to the cup. Given that all is hand-work, it demonstrates the artistic qualities of the Porcelain Manufactory of Herend craftsmen.

Herend Teacups with Lid

Some Herend cups are produced with a lid. This lets the tea grass well soaked into the hot water. Only some of the teacups are produced with such a cover. Herend cups with lid are usually multi-purpose.

Herend code: 3353-0-21

  • Height: 10 cm (4″H)
  • Capacity: 2 dl (6 OZ)

There are other lidded cup forms also used for tea as well:


Paintings on a Herend Cup

Usually, Herend teacups are heavily hand-painted with decorative elements. These are the followings:

Traditional Herend decors

Herend’s most known decors, painted on teacups:

  • Queen Victoria VBO
  • Rothschild Birds
  • Apponyi Chinese Bouquet
  • Royal Garden
  • Indian Basket


Oriental Design

The Herend design world has its root in oriental fine china designs. Therefore many Herend decors are oriental designs, with traditional forms, symbols, mythical elements, and drawing from the far east.


Unique designs with an actual painting on it

Some Herend designs, especially limited pieces, are decorated with hand-painted little still lifes or portraits. These designs are miniatures but as detailed as a large wall painting.


Light painted teacups

Some Herend teacups are barely painted. This is the Hadik – HD or Golden Elegance OFLPGR design family. These are decorated by a few thin golden lines, golden fish scales, or other gilded forms. The pure white of the porcelain gives an elegant look to the gilded parts.

I. Franz Joseph – Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, used such simple dinnerware in the castle of Buda.


Family Coat of Arms on Herend fine china?

Family Coat of Arms can be painted on light-painted Herend teacups.

Some customers order a teacup or even a full Herend tea set with personalized decor. If you have a beloved family story, a place, or a flower, it is possible to create personal decor out of that. If you would like more details, please get in touch with us.


Teacups with saucers

We believe that Herend teacups must be used with an appropriate saucer. In our online shop, you can see all the teacups with their saucers. 

To place a cube of sugar, a little candy, or a teaspoon, it is mandatory to have a saucer.

Can you bus teacups without a saucer?

Yes, you can! To do that, you have to send us an email message.

Yet, we believe that teacups and saucers belong together to get a proper Herend Tea experience.


Are you interested in Herend fine china teacups?

Choosing a teacup can be challenging.  You can always contact us for help building your dinner set!