Herend Teapots

One of the most iconic elements of the Herend Tea set is the Herend Teapot. Let’s discover the options for the teapots manufactured by Herend.


Teapot – The centerpiece of the tea set

Its size allows the artist to put most of the artwork on its surface.

A Herend teapot can be shaped in different forms. The main objective was to keep the water warm for the tea. But the surface can be formed with different form variants.


The decor of the teapot

The paint gives a personality to the teapot. This can create a fresh, happy design or a traditional-looking piece. Many decorative elements are painted on teapots, like butterflies. Floral elements, traditional oriental line-arts. Sometimes little scenes or still-lifes are painted on large surfaces.

Many of the teapots are white-backgrounded with decorative paints. This – the true white porcelain was a specialty in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and only the royal families could afford such a luxury.

Since then, the black background “fond noir” teapots appeared. This paint adds an extra layer of complexity to produce the product. The result is a beautiful, elegant teapot. The cold design is suitable even in an office space, commanding respect.

Recently, many teapots have been painted with different color backgrounds. You can choose colors of blue, green, purple, yellow, etc.


What Herend decors can be painted on the teapots?

Well, any of the Herend decors can be painted on teapots. This means that if there is a Herend decor, there is a tea set version.

This does not mean that any of the Herend decors can be purchased on Teapots. These are the teapots that are not produced anymore.

Handle and Pourer

Teapots have strong handles to manage the mass from the larger tea water and porcelain mass. This means a new surface is available for the artists to ornate.

Usually, teapot handles are ornate with nonfigurative art made of 24ct fine line art. Of course, if the design is based on platinum, the line will be painted with platinum.

The pourer is sometimes decorated with a fine line of gold, but sometimes it has extra figures. The mandarin figurine is one of the designs appearing on special teapots.


Attractive Lids

There is a natural urge in the artists to place something beautiful at the top of the teapot. Therefore the lids are decorated with beautiful artwork. There are more than 20 different versions of the knobs. The most beloved knobs are

  • Twisted knob
  • Rose knob
  • Butterfly knob

As Herend’s designs have many butterflies painted on the products, the butterfly knob harmonizes with the butterflies painted on the pot.



To know more about the various knobs of Herend, please read our article on Herend knob variations.


Teapot sizes

When choosing the proper teapot, we recommend thinking through how you plan to have tea.

What are the ideal teapot sizes to choose from?

The teapot 609 or 608 is an excellent choice to have tea alone.

With a personal friend, we recommend 607 and 606 are suitable.

For more people, 605, 604, and 603 are recommended.

The largest teapots are the 602 and 601. Here you have to pay attention to the increasing weight of the teapot. The teapot 601 weights 1,8 kg, and the water weights another 4,8 L max. In total, 6,6 kg makes this teapot a heavy piece.

  • 601 – 4,8 L
  • 602 – 2,4 L
  • 603 – 1,8 L
  • 604 – 1,2 L
  • 605 – 1,0 L
  • 606 – 0,8 L
  • 607 – 0,6 L
  • 608 – 0,38 L
  • 609 – 0,28 L

We recommend not to fully fill the teapot so you can handle the pots more easily. As you can see, there are many size variations of teapots. Many of our customers choose two or more teapots for a suitable event.

We hope you have a better overview of the Teapot variations of Herend.


Some of the Herend Teapots

Please find below some of the Herend teapots.



For more, visit the:

Herend teapot shop page.


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