Further Herend Plates for the place setting - dinner sets

There are smaller plate options for the Herend place settings. These are the followings:

Crescent plates, Dessert plates, Bread and butter plates, Salad plates and  Dessert plates.


Crescent plates of Herend

Crescent plates are small, moon shaped plates, designed to fit to the edge of a dinner plate. They have multiple uses:

  • Some uses it for serving salads.
  • Others uses crescent plates for bones.

Crescent plates has two main forms:

  • 530 – This version is a bit shorter, better suits for smaller plates.
  • 531 – This version is longer, we offer them for larger plates, or when charger plate is ordered as well.

We usually offer the 531 or 20531 version.

Available sizes in length:

  • 530-0-00 – 18,8 [cm]
  • 531-0-00 – 20,5 [cm]

What is the difference between xxx and 20xxx numbers?

The form of the porcelain plate:

  • 530-0-00 – is waved on the edges while,
  • 20530-0-00 has a simple edge. This is a chinoiserie design element with the simple edge.


Salad plate

We offer the 518-0-00, with the diameter 19 [cm] as a salad plate. This is a deeper dessert plate, therefore it is also excellent for serving salads. This is usually used in the US as salad plate.

520-0-00 is 21 [cm], a bit wider salad plate, having the same depth.

Available sizes in diameter:

  • 518-0-00 – 18 [cm]
  • 520-0-00 – 21 [cm]

Bread and butter plate

Typically used for appetisers, like bread and butter.

We usually offer the 515-0-00, but some of our customers prefer the smaller version, 514-0-00.

This is related to cultures, around the Middle East the 514-0-00 is preferred, while in the US and Europe, the 515-0-00 is used.

Available sizes in diameter:

  • 513-0-00 – 15 [cm]
  • 514-0-00 – 15,5 [cm]
  • 515-0-00 – 16,5 [cm]

Dessert plate

There are two types of dessert plates. One with normal height, 2,5 [cm] from bottom to top and a bit elevated with a height of 3,5 [cm].

The normal height is usually used for desserts, and breakfast.

The one with elevated heigh was planned for desserts with cream or sweet sauces like vanilla sauce or marmalade.

For breakfast, the 521-0-00 is advised, as it is a larger diameter.

The smallest option is 512-0-00 Which is 12,5 [cm]

  • 512-0-00 – 12,5 cm » Used as bread and butter plate, deep plate
  • 513-0-00 – 15 cm
  • 514-0-00 – 15,5 cm – deep plate
  • 515-0-00 – 16,5 cm
  • 516-0-00 – 17 cm – deep plate
  • 517-0-00 – 19 cm » Classic, the most used size. Most suitable for all the uses.
  • 518-0-00 – 19 cm » This is a deeper type, mostly used as a salad plate.
  • 519-0-00 – 21 cm » Many choses this size.
  • 520-0-00 – 21 cm » This is a deeper plate, also used as salad plate.
  • 521-0-00 – 23 cm
  • 522-0-00 – 23 cm 

Knife Rest

Knife rests are used to hold the knife during the multiple meal dinner.

Usually 9 [cm] long. There are no size options.

Knife rests can be ordered with multiple knobs:

  • Bird
  • Rose
  • Butterfly
  • Mandarin



Interested in Herend dinner sets?

To construct a Herend dinner set or place setting is not easy. You can always contact us for help building your dinner set!