Rare and Limited Herend Patterns

At Herend, every piece of porcelain is unique. Yet there are some designs that every Herend enthusiast knows very well because of their famous owners.


Victoria avec Bord en Or (VBO) is based on a classical design that was made famous by Queen Victoria. However, the pattern Queen Victoria used is called “Queen Victoria” but has been modernized to become VBO. What is interesting to note is that Queen Victoria first saw and purchased this design at the Great Exhibition held in the United Kingdom in 1851. At that time, the “Queen Victoria” pattern was called “Kakiemon” and was renamed later to commemorate her. 


Herend Victoria avec Bord en Or - VBO - Tea set for two, with tray

Herend Victoria avec Bord en Or – VBO – Tea set for two, with tray, sugar bowl, and creamer.


The decor Apponyi and Indian Basket


Apponyi green coffee set

Apponyi green coffee set

Apponyi or Chinese Bouquet is also a redesign. Originally Count Apponyi ordered a dinner set for 60 people, painted with the Indian Basket design. He wanted the set fast, as he had an upcoming gala dinner, where he wanted to impress the guests with a brand new Herend set. Herend did not have enough free painters at the time. Therefore the head of painters came up with an idea. He proposed a new, minimalistic version of Indian Basket. Apponyi accepted the fresh-looking design. This design was named Apponyi, or Chinese Bouquet, one of the most sold Herend designs for coffee and dinner sets.

Apponyi espresso cup colour variations

Apponyi Espresso cup colour variations


Vintage Patterns

Some patterns were produced a very long time ago. Some designs have been ended since the 1850s.  The main reason is as follows. Since then, people have changed their design interests and tastes. Of course, some patterns will stand the test of time and never go out of fashion, while others might seem dated or out of style and need to be replaced. When a pattern is considered out of style, Herend does not produce it by default. Remember, the Queen Victoria pattern has been made continuously since 1851 and was never felt out of style. Also, when the resellers stop ordering a specific pattern, Herend will not pressure the continuation of the production of that particular design.


Still, if you want to order a discontinued pattern, you can ask for it. Herend has all the old plans stored. Except when he doesn’t. The artists of Herend will look up the design plans and paint them for you. To learn more about special ordering, you can contact us directly: sales@theherendexperts.com

The surprising fact is that it does not cost you any extra fees. So you can have the replacement or the set you wanted.


Limited Edition Patterns 

There are very precious unique designs hidden from the customers. These are the limited edition patterns that are already sold out.

Many collectors only look for limited versions as they can be brought to auctions with a determined quality. 

Herend has various levels of limited edition manufacturing. Depending on the design and the product of the rare item, it can be limited to a certain number of pieces, such as:

  • Limited to 15 pieces
  • Limited to 25 pieces
  • Limited to 150 pieces

These patterns are offered by Herend only as long as the limit is reached. Afterward, Herend will not sell you a new set.

On the back of the limited porcelain is a serial number “14/25” in case of a 25-piece limitation. You also receive a printed certificate that states the:

  • Time of creation
  • Amount of limitation
  • Serial of your item

What if one of the cups or plates is broken? In this case, you need to take care of the broken pieces. To have the right to order a replacement, you need to send the broken pieces back to us. Then, you can request a replacement item.  These regulations are pretty severe at Herend.


Beautiful Ladies - Limited coffee set

Beautiful Ladies – Limited coffee set

Beautiful Ladies - Limited to 15 pieces

Beautiful Ladies – Limited to 15 pieces

Waterfowl: Limited to 25 pieces

Waterfowl: Limited to 25 pieces

Patterns out of production

A few patterns have been revoked. They are not in production at the time. A few patterns belong to this group, but they are an important, historical part of the Herend product range.

A good example is the beautiful Gold Butterfly Special Herend design with detailed artistic gold work on the edges.

Tea Set for 2 Persons Gold Butterfly SP1065 Special pattern. Herend porcelain handpainted

Tea Set for 2 Persons Gold Butterfly SP1065 Special pattern. Herend fine china hand-painted. Limited Edition. Total: 10 pieces Herend porcelain items.

Tea Set for 2 Persons Gold Butterfly SP1065 Special pattern. Herend porcelain handpainted

Tea Set for 2 Persons Gold Butterfly SP1065 Special pattern. Herend fine china handpainted. Limited Edition. Total: 10 pieces Herend porcelain items.


Personal Patterns

Can I have my personal design?

Did you know you can have your pattern made as well? For example, if you want to have your family coat of arms on a cup or plate or a whole unique ornamental decoration, this is no problem. You can order it through us! You can read more about How to Order a Personal Design via the link. What is important is that you can ask Herend not to sell your design to anybody for five years. After five years, the pattern will be free for anyone to order. Of course, you can ask for a more extended period, but in this case, you must have a personal agreement with the company.

Kings and queens sometimes have even lifetime individual purchase rights for a specific design. Not only tea or coffee sets but vases or statues can be ordered this way.

You can order, for example, a standing vase (125 [cm]) with your own decoration. This is a unique offer as no one can order the same.


Contact us with your questions

Of course, you have further questions about what pattern goes the best with which form. We are happy to answer you!


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