Herend porcelain Exhibition in Vienna - Hotel Marriott

In 2018 November, we had the honour to organise a Herend Exhibition in Vienna. Many of our customers and visitors did not have a chance to visit this event. We decided to share this experience with you now, through this article. 


The exhibition presented multiple Herend porcelain items. The visitors had the chance to see rare Herend tea, coffee and dinner sets. Herend Animal figurines were also presented. 

The pair of wild ducks is a large Herend porcelain animal piece. Painted in natural colour ( Pair of Ducks 5035-0-00 C ) where one duck is white, where the other one is painted as a male duck – Mallard.

Staying at the animal wlidlife, a large ornamental dish was presented. The dish was painted with artistic water scene “Mallards on the Branch”. the ~70 [cm] in diameter dish is a detailed artwork for exclusive collectors.

The best friend of men. Hunter dogs were present at the large exhibited hunter porcelain items. The German Setter 5207-0-00 MCD is a typical hunter dog. 

The rich gilded edges are typical motif of Herend dishes. In case of such a large, exclusive piece the size of the gilded edge is also wider. Decorated with nonfigurative black lines, dissolves the harsh wide gold. Above, a pierced stripe makes the large structure even harder to produce.

The large piece of porcelain is ~70 [cm] in diameter.

Compare the German Setter and Roe Buck Herend figurines and the Herend vase. The dog figurines are considered large porcelain statues, but the Herend vase dwarfs them.

The Roe Buck figurine in the centre of the exhibition. The height of the figurine is  37 [cm] (14.5″H).

Dinner sets with game trophies – CHTM – were also presented. For more “Hunter Trophies CHTM” dinner set pieces, visit the Hunter Trophies decor site. As you can see some edges are painted with gold, others are painted with green.

A Hunter Trophies soup tureen and dessert plate with gold rim.

Herend Hunter Trophies CHTM bread basket with green edge. The Bread basket is painted with a pheasant, but can be ordered with any of the available trophies.

Hunter Trophies Soup Tureen painted with Wild duck figurine, golden edge and branch knob.

A closeup of a Wild game – Wild animals – decor place setting.

This simplistic set is a special porcelain piece. The base is the OFLGPR – Laurel Garland decor. In the center, you can see the monograms of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, as this was one of his favourite decor, used in the palace of Buda – Hungary in the 19th century.

The Hunter Trophies – CHTM dinner set with a large Wild Duck figurine and large vases.

An overview of a dinner set of Herend porcelain compared to the large vases and special plates.

Wild water life – Wild Ducks – painted on a large ornamental vase. Master painters typically spend 4-6 months to paint such a large Herend vase. For more photos, visit the Herend Wild water life vase page.

A Pair of Wild Ducks – half natural, half VH fish net painted.

We presented rare espresso sets as well. The special Herend Bird espresso set is an unusual piece.

Herend Bird espresso cups with detailed bird figurines.

The Hunter Trophies – CHTM Tureen with the one handle sauce boat.

The Hunter Trophies – CHTM soup cup with lid and mushroom handle. Compare the sizes with the oval dishes and sauce boats.

A closeup on the Mushroom Herend decor. A Mushroom designed Tureen with twisted knob. you can see the detailed mushrooms. The twisted knob is a good option for any soup tureens. Notice the golden edge. This is an optional feature, you can order Tureens painted with green (or other coloured) edge.

The Mushroom Soup Tureen from side view. You can compare the trinagle Salad dish and the tureen size.

The pair of wild ducks is a large center piece. As you can see, they fit very well to a hunter themed table.

The “Hunt is not over yet” statue is a large piece of porcelain.



We hope you liked the images of the exhibition

If you have any ideas to share with us, do not hesitate!