Herend Porcelain Dinner Set Composition Guide - Serving Dishes

The following is a brief summary, what you have to know in order to order a Herend porcelain dinner set.

The first famous dinner set was ordered by Queen Victoria in 1851 at the World Fair. Intrestingly she did not lay the table with Herend plates for diplomats, but only for family.


Royal families preferred Herend fine china as well. Therefore our customers were:

  • Nicholas I of Russia – Tsar of Russia
  • Victor Emmanuel II of Italy – The first Italian King
  • The Romanian King – I Karoly
  • Frantz Joseph – Emperor of Austria-Hungary

Serving dishes

The following are about the porcelain items used commonly by all the family members. Therefore these items are included in all the dinner services. We go through the most important Herend serving dishes, therefore you will see the variety of available options.

These items are usually richly ornamented as people at the table will have them in sight. Therefore every piece was created with aesthetic and practicality in mind. These items are:

  • Soup Tureen
  • Ragu / Vegetable dish
  • Platters – Oval dishes
  • Fish dish
  • Round dish
  • Leaf dish
  • Sauce boat / Gravy boat
  • Mustard pot
  • Butter dish


Soup Tureen

Herend soup tureens are the largest pieces of porcelain items for dinner services.

Volume varies from 0,8 L to 5,4 L. Large pieces can be really heavy. For practical reasons, mid sized tureens are suggested. Please also count minus (10%) with the useful volume. The Tureen is maybe 3L but it is practical to add maximum 2,7L of soup to it.

Soup tureens always come with a lid. This helps to keep the soup warm even after 20-30 minutes. This is only possible with thick porcelain walls. Therefore handles have to be strong enough to support the  significant weight.

Beside soup, some of our customers use it as bean pot, to serve bean meals. Typically used the round versions as 3777-0-20 CHTM – Hunter Trophies Tureen or 2023-0-06 NY – Nyon Tureen.

The ornament of the tureen is the handle or knob on the top of the lid. Multiple handle options are available:

  • Tomato
  • Kohlrabi
  • Cauliflower
  • Rose
  • Bud
  • Branch
  • Citron
  • Bird
  • Twisted

We usually suggest the branch knob as it is easy to use, and resistant.


Ragu / Vegetable dish

The vegetable dish has an average diameter of 25 – 27 [cm]. It has a particularly high edge 5 – 6 [cm] to keep ragus in.

  • Open
  • Diameter 25 [cm] – 27 [cm] – maybe there are larger ones, but those are not practical
  • Manufactured with verge


  • 1148-0-00 VBO
  • 148-0-00 VBOG-X1-PT
  • 7656-0-00 VA

Important note – Herend porcelain shapes

Herend porcelains do come in different shape variants. These are Osier, Rocaille, Eszterhazy and some more. Most of the forms are created in Osier. For example ragu dishes are available:

  • Rocaille – 5 types
  • Osier – 10 types

Speciality to order:

Ragu dish standing on legs.


Oval dishes / Platters

We recommend oval Herend dishes for serving the following

  • Fried birds / poultry
  • Fried Pork
  • Little game
  • Forest game

Possible to order with handles, or without handles. When ordering with handles, the size of the dish indicates the length including handles.

Available sizes varies:

  • 35 [cm] – minimum length
  • 52 [cm] – maximum length 

We cannot present all the sizes, as they vary related to the shapes (Osier, Rocaille, Esterhazy etc.). Therefore we present the minimum and maximum lengths, to give an idea of the range.


Fish dishes

Fish Herend dishes are made with the precaution that fried fishes has to be drained due to the high oil and water content. The dishes consist of:

  • Oval dish
  • Drainer – removable

These dishes do not come with handles.

They are made longer than oval dishes. Available sizes varies:

  • 51 [cm]
  • 61 [cm]
  • 74 [cm] – maximum length


Round dishes – Chop plates

The iconic large round plates. They are another form to serve various meat dishes and side dishes. For cakes, we recommend other types of dishes which are more flat.

Can be ordered with or without handles.

Available sizes varies – Osier:

  • 28,5 [cm] – minimum with handle
  • 33 [cm] – minimum without handle
  • 40 [cm] – maximum with handle
  • 35,5 [cm] – maximum without handle

There are deep and flat variants as well.


Salad bowls

Herend salad bowls can be ordered in square shape and triangle shape as well.

They have higher sides, up to 7,5 [cm] which makes them perfect for storing fresh salad or any side dishes. Volumes vary from 3 [dL] to 3 [L].


  • 12 [cm] – minimum
  • 25 [cm] – maximum


  • 4,5 [cm] – minimum
  • 9,5 [cm] – maximum


Leaf dish

This is an additional item to serve smaller quantities. A typical use is to serve cooked eggs, but sometimes small cookies are presented in leaf dishes. Some of them are for left handed others are for right handed users.

Available sizes:

  • 15 [cm]
  • 24 [cm]

Sauce boat / Gravy boat

There are two types of sauce boats. One is manufactured for dilute sauces, the other for thick sauces.

The dilute sauce boat has a handle.

Available sizes:

  • 1 [dL]
  • 2 [dL]
  • 3 [dL]
  • 4 [dL]

The thick sauce boat has no handle. It stands on its legs, and has a porcelain spoon – a sauce handle in addition. Optionally, a cover can be added to the legged version. This is useful to keep the sauce warm for longer periods on the dinning table.

There is only one size available for this version:

  • 5 [dL]

We recommend an oval dish under both versions. That is useful for serving separately or toghether with the sauce boat. There is also a version, where the oval dish is built together with the sauce boat, for obvious reasons. This is called“Sauce boat with stand”.


Mustard pot

Herend porcelain mustard pots comes with a lid, and a mustard spoon as well.

Available sizes:

  • 2 [dL]
  • 3 [dL]


Butter dish

There are round and square forms available. To serve spicy butter as an appetiser or starter.

Butter dishes always have a lid. You can chose from your favourite lids!

  • 15,5 [cm] – Diameter of the base – recommended!
  • 19 [cm]



Interested in Herend dinner sets?

To construct a Herend dinner set is not easy. You can always contact us for help building your dinner set!