Herend Soup Cups and Soup Plates

In the following article, we go through the most critical options related to the Herend soup plates and soup cups available for the customer.


The Herend place setting is composed of the following items:

  • Soup plate
  • Dinner plate
  • Dessert plate
  • Serving plate
  • Crescent
  • Bread and butter
  • Salad plate

In later posts, we go through all the plates, but now let’s look at the soup plates.

Herend soup plates

We have two options: soup cups and soup plates.

Soup plate

There are multiple sizes of soup plates.

Smaller ones are only for soups, 3,5 [dL]. Larger volumes 7 [dL] – 1 [L] are designed for risotto or Italian pasta foods, chili beans.

Diameters and volumes:

  • 21 [cm], 3,5 [dL] – Small soup, mainly used in the US.
  • 23 [cm], 5 – 1,75 [dL]
  • 25 [cm], 1 – 1,15 [L]

As you can see, multiple volumes are available for the same diameters. The larger volume versions do come with a higher edge.


Soup cup


Soup cups are manufactured in two main versions:

  • with lid
  • without lid

The versions with a lid are suitable for soups that have to be served hot. Such soups are, for example, broths.

The soup cup with a lid is designed to have a cover. Therefore the golden rim will not be damaged by the lid itself. The soup cup without a lid is designed to have no lid. You cannot order lids later for these models, as the golden edge would be damaged.

As the lid has a knob, you can order any Herend knob. We recommend selecting the knob by design. These are usually:

  • Rose knob
  • Bud knob
  • Butterfly kob

The soup cup without a lid is used for cream soups.

Of course, this is decided by everybody’s own decision.


All the soup cups are available with one handle or two handles. This is a question of personal preference. Handles can help the consumer to drink the soup as well. However, a spoon is also an option, of course.

Available sizes:

  • 2,5 [dL]
  • 3 [dL]


We will continue with other place-setting elements.

Are you interested in Herend dinner sets?

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